ÇANTATÜRK that was founded in 1996 by Ali Kandemir as taken its place among the leading companies of Turkey in a short time in saddlery sector.

ÇANTATÜRK that is a brand with its modern design understanding and production quality for leather bag, suitcase, wallet and all types of fabric bags, keeps its respected place in saddlery export, direct sale and promotion products sector with its specialist staff both in its own structure and in the large custom manufacturing.

ÇANTATÜRK has the production capacity of 200.000 pieces fabric bag, 50.000 pieces leather accessory in a month with nearly 500 workers consisting of its own workers and custom manufacturing workers; and it works with more than 100 agencies and companies in Turkey.


Our customers are the mirrors of our business. To be continuously "THE MOST PERFECT" and to create "HAPPY CUSTOMERS" is our biggest goal.

The presence of our country is the reason of our presence. We aim to contribute to the society in our studies with the consciousness that we are part of the society in which we live. With this consciousness, we see our employees, customers, and suppliers as members of our large family.

To be fair, honest to everybody we have relation with and to have respected business ethics is our highest value.